Everyday, more and more moms

are getting tattoos. With the success of tattoo tv shows such as Miami Ink and L.A Ink, tattooing is becoming not just a hit with bad girls and rockers, but with moms and moms to be as well.

Mommies getting tattoos to honor their children is becoming a new trend. These days, stretch marks are no longer the only permanent reminder of birth. Mothers are increasingly going under the needle and getting inked. "It's a way to embrace your parenthood," says Hannah Aitchison, a seasoned tattoo artist who co-stars in LA Ink.

Mommy Tattoos : Forever symbols of love & motherhood.

What do you need to know about mommy tattoos?

  • Moms need to wait until they have weaned before getting a tattoo. Getting a tattoo at a reputable & licensed tattoo shop is pretty safe, but why take the chance of an infection that you could pass along to your baby?
  • Find a reputable and licensed tattoo shop in your area. Ask questions, do some research and make sure you feel comfortable with their staff. If you feel even a slight uneasiness, then walk out and don't look back.
  • Be aware of the "rules" that all reputable & licensed tattoo shops abide by. Tattoo shops should have a working autoclave, which sterilizes reusable equipment. Tattoo artists have to wear latex gloves during the tattoo process and use new needles and ink trays for each customer.
  • All good tattoo artists should have a portfolio which displays their best work that their most proud of. Look through their portfolios with due diligence. Focus on their attention to detail. If you see any splotches or lines/shapes that just look out of place, it usually means that they'll probably have an "oops" moment with you as well. Use common sense when it comes to a tattoo artists' work.
  • Make sure your mind is fully made up on a design. Remember, tattoos are permanent and regretting a design is something you don't want to take with you when you leave the tattoo shop. If you have decided on a portrait of your child then it's a wise idea to wait until they have more distinct characteristics before you go ahead with the mommy tattoo. Waiting until your child turns one is what the experts say is a good time to get a child portrait tattoo.

There Is A Growing Acceptance Of Tattoos Across The World

The acceptance of tattoos is here to stay. Firends, extended family members and even most employers no longer frown upon tattoos. Most are even eager to see what kind of body art you received with great interest. Moms everywhere are starting to realize this and are making tattooing a family affair making sure dads no longer have all of the fun!